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Our types of bias tape
  • Polyester 100%

    It is the tape with the highest quality, durability, and best use. This type of tape comes from a fabric made in Mexico. It is a tape that meets all the requirements in terms of hardness, color fastness, and texture.

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  • Polyseda

    Bias Tape made with 100% polyester fabric, with very fine threads, guaranteed and bright firm colors. The most economical option.

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  • Polycotton

    A tape that comes from a fabric 55% polyester 45% cotton of the highest quality, the weave is almost invisible, the texture is smooth. We have more than 80 colors.

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  • Heavy Cotton

    It is a tape 100% quality, it has a rigid texture, it meets the highest quality standards. We have more than 50 colors in stock.

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  • Light Cotton

    It is a 100% cotton tape with a soft and fine texture.

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  • Blanquet Bindings

    Offers exceptional shine and texture that provide softness and a luxurious look to your projects. This blanquet binding is ideal for items that require an elegant and professional finish. Available in more than 25 different color tones.

We focus on covering specific needs, adapting to the client's requirements.

“Whether it is folded or unfolded bias tape, our machinery is capable of making all types of bias tape, from 6mm to the measurement required. Thus offering the exact solution for the manufacturing of any product.

man in suit
Folded to the center
man in suit
Double folded
man in suit
Single Folded
man in suit
Flat tape

Our presentations apply to all types of bias products.


We know that packaging and the way of delivery is very important, which is why we offer all types of packaging and presentation: from bias wound on reels, pieces and rolls with more than 200 meters, to packages with small lengths of 3, 5, 10 meters. , etc… Our packaging team is trained to prepare and deliver the bias whether for resale or for manufacturing processes, always adapting to your needs and easy to use.