Who We Are

For over 40 years, Fabrica de Cintas el Elefante, a 100% Mexican company, has been dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of BIAS tape.


Throughout all this time

The company has undergone significant changes in several key areas such as the modernization of its machinery, improvement of packaging, diversification of colors, and expansion of the product range. These packaging changes have been essential to offer more complete solutions tailored to the constant changing needs of our customers.

Through our people, we manage to offer a great service

and a very smooth experience so that, when it comes to tapes, you have no problem. We strive every day to offer a quality product, functional, and always providing an unparalleled service.

Our plant has a unique capacity, thus giving us the ability to offer our products to any type of company worldwide.

We complete our product portfolio by offering different solutions for the making of articles; such as zippers, Non waven, narrow fabrics and others.

We have quality certificates, we are authorized suppliers of Walmart, and we continue to seek improvements every day.